Obama said “It’s an economy built on manufacturing right here in America..”

“Leadership is influence.” – JOHN C. MAXWELL

Obama visited Cedar Rapids, IOWA on Wednesday, Jan 25 2012;  explaining how big of an impact it would make for the economy if we invested more time on developing more business projects around manufacturing company like “Conveyor Engineering and Manufacturing – established in a small shop outside of Shueyville, Iowa in 1977. The cornerstone of our success for over three decades has been our ability to provide a high quality product at a reasonable price in a timely manner by engineering and manufacturing all products in-house, reacting to customer breakdown situations as if they were our own, and providing outstanding customer service.

Creating more manufacturing company, meaning there will be more jobs and work, which will lead us more in thinking that the recession can soon be over.

According to Obama “Today American manufacturers like this one(Conveyor Engineering and Manufacturing) are hiring again and creating jobs for the first time since the 1990s,” Obama also said. “We’ve come too far to turn back now.” With this encouragement, hopefully there will be progress in higher rate of growing manufacturing business.

In response to Obama’s speech, Eagle Fabrics will stay committed on manufacturing our goods in Los Angeles, CA to our consumers with the best service in apparel manufacturing.

like our self to encourage others that our economy can be back on track to a boom economy. Using the chart below, the green area is where we want to be.

Illustration: Graphical representation of economic cycles

Key features of an economic boom:

  • Above-trend GDP growth
  • Higher disposable incomes
  • Less unemployment
  • Increased consumer spending
  • Better Wages


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