Happy Chinese New Years 2012, “the year of the dragon”


CAPTION: A dragon lantern is seen among other Chinese New Year decorations at Yuyuan Garden in downtown Shanghai.

Chinese new years for 2012 land on Jan 23,2012 this year!

Here are some fun facts and inspiration as a reference

– This year is the year of the dragon

– The Year 2012 is the 4709th Chinese year

– Dragon has nine sons

1. The 1st son loves music. The head of Number 1 son becomes a decoration for music instrument, such as two-stringed bowed violin(huqin).

2. The 2nd son loves fighting. Many different handles of weapons have the symbol of Number 2 son.

3. The 3rd son loves adventure and keeping guard. He has prestige and is the symbol of safety, harmony and peace.

4. The 4th son loves howling. The image of Number 4 son can be found on the big bells. It is a symbol of protection and alertness.

5.  The 5th son loves quietness, sitting,fire and smoke. His image is often found in temples, such as on incense burners.

6.  The 6th son has the power of strength. He loves to carry heavy stuff to show off his magic energy . He is a symbol of longevity and good luck.

7. The 7th son loves to seek justice. Chinese like to apply his symbol around law, court, or jail.

8. The 8th son loves literature. Chinese like to put the 8th son as a symbol around steles. When used in this way, it is a symbol of knowledge or education.

9. The 9th son loves water. He is a symbol to prevent fire disasters.

– Both clams and Spring Rolls symbolize wealth; clams because of their resemblance to bouillon, and Spring Rolls because their shape is similar to gold bars.

– Buy New Shoes and Clothes.  Here is your chance to turn a want into a need, as if you needed an excuse. Yes, you really do have to buy yourself a new pair of shoes and clothes to welcome in the new year, preferably with a splash of red. Now, didn’t you have your eyes on a pair of Christian Louboutin heels?




– Pantone color #: 12-0643TPX (Blazing Yellow)

15-1054TPX (Cadmium Yellow)

16-1452TPX (Firecracker)

19-1250TPX (Picante)

19-1627TPX (Port Royale)

Color Combos

Chinese Fortune Calender

IB Times


Huffington Post

China Pictures

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