Holiday Special: Halloween & Fall

Halloween is around the corner and so is fall. What comes to mind when we are talking about these two topics? Here are some suggestions on choosing fun styles and colors for the holiday.


-3093D (JERSEY:Modal & Spandex)
-3081 (JERSEY: Combed Cotton & Spandex)
-2539 (JERSEY:Rayon)
-3083E (JERSEY: Rayon & Spandex)
-5905B (GAUZE: Cotton, Nylon & Spandex)
-6008CF (FLEECE: Combed Cotton)
-10856 (TWILL: Cotton)
-3088PR (JERSEY: Rayon, Poly & Spandex)


– Burgundy
– Dark Taupe
– Chocolate
– Pumpkin
– Watergreen
– Red
– Raspberry
– Silver Shine
– Hide Brown
– Saddle
– New Stone
– Havana Brown
– Tuscany
– Moss
– Aloe
– Sunset


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