Eagle Fabrics is HIRING!

Looking to advance to a position in the textile industry? Well, now is the perfect opportunity!


Eagle Fabrics is hiring a knitting assistant. You or someone you know might be just the right candidate. If interested, please submit a resume and cover letter to careers@eaglefabrics.com. Please apply only if you have experience in the textile industry.


Job Summary:

The Knitting Department Assistant works with Knitting Coordinator with the knitting of greige goods to the finished fabric.
In addition, the Knitting Department Assistant is responsible for balancing yarn purchases with
greige goods receiving and participates in fabric style research and development.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Completes yarn purchases, issues knit orders, coordinates the transfer of yarn to knitters, and
oversees timely knitting completion of greige goods.
2. Ensures all yarn is accounted for after knitting and closes knit orders.
3. Plans and manages timely delivery of greige goods from the knitter to the dye house.
4. Inputs data regarding yarn purchase orders, yarn transfers, and greige goods receiving in
Omnis 7.
5. Creates yarn codes and formulates style numbers for fabrics in development.
6. Requests fabric analysis from knitters to determine if a fabric can be replicated.
7. Creates debit memos and completes charge backs to yarn suppliers and knitters in the case of
unaccountable yarn or defective greige goods.
8. Files invoices once orders are completed and closed.
9. Other duties or tasks may be assigned on an as-needed basis.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

1. Knowledge of the knitting textile process and equipment.
2. Computer literate.
3. Ability to prioritize, work on multiple tasks, and meet deadlines.
4. Detail oriented with organizational skills.
5. Verbal and written communication skills.
6. Ability to work in a team environment with a professional demeanor.
7. Knowledge of Omnis 7.

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