Fabric Spotlight: POPLIN

Here are some facts about Poplin…

Poplin, sometimes called tabinet, is a type of medium to heavy weight durable fabric that is now most frequently made of cotton or a cotton/polyester blend. The name derives from the French papelaine a fabric, normally made with silk, used in the 1400s. Common usage of poplin until about the 20th century was to make silk, cotton or heavy weight wool dresses, suitable for winter wear. Poplin was also a popular upholstery fabric.

Poplin in its early days was made by using a silk warp weave and a worsted yarn weft. The result is a sturdy fabric that has noticeable ridges. Today poplin is popular in shirts and pants and is often a combination of softer and heavier grades of cotton. Because of its manufacturing process, it tends not to wrinkle easily, and is somewhat water and stain resistant. Both men and women’s pants and shirts can be made of poplin and sometimes feel soft and exhibit a little shine.


Please contact us to receive samples of our Poplin styles.


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