News Flash! Rachel Pally Launches Unisex Clothing Line

Our client, Rachel Pally launches a new line with her boyfriend…

Like most of us, fashion designer Rachel Pally loves wearing her boyfriend’s clothes. And while said boyfriend, Kevin Circosta — a fellow designer — thinks seeing his girlfriend in his T-shirts is sexy, discovering that she’d cut off his shirt collars wasn’t, he says.

So, the two put their heads together and created Boyfriend/Girlfriend, a unisex line of clothing couples can share.

“You know, I love my jersey clothes, and I wear them most days,” says Pally, who designs her own self-named line. “But I also love to wear Kevin’s flannel shirts, and I like a beat-up old T-shirt. To be able to make our own and make them fit the way I want them to, we were like, ‘Why don’t we just do it ourselves?'”

The two L.A. natives are the epitome of meet cute: They first crossed paths in preschool. “She’s literally from my block,” says Kevin, “the most quintessential girl of my life.” But the two didn’t start dating till a coincidental run-in at Kinko’s. “We actually reconnected after college when we were both making our first line sheets and flipbooks for our first brands,” he says. “I saw her from across the room.”

Both former hippies turned fashion designers, they couldn’t believe all the coincidences. Now they’re bringing all that togetherness to your closet in a collection of fitted flannels, vintage-washed plaid and soft cotton tees.



2 responses to “News Flash! Rachel Pally Launches Unisex Clothing Line

  1. awww boyfriend / girlfriend is so cute and adolescent, clothes that *boys* and girls can share.. you have to be special kind of man to fit into girls clohtes. and the lookbook is so special and romantic. with all the vignetting and soft focus you can barely make out the designs. but i really come away with the feeling that whatever the clothes are like, they will make for a happy strong and loving relationship. good luck!

  2. i feel like this is a step backwards into a younger market that isnt ready for the long dresses and all over prints.. it can’t really be targeted at men, after seeing the lookbook, its really emotional and the designs are so far in the background..


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