Designer Spotlight! Moody Mamas

Meet Marta and Elise, designers of Moody Mamas

In 2007, Marta and Elise embarked on a quest to create a clothing line that would make women feel empowered, vivacious and sexy…but they weren’t thinking maternity. No, no… Newbies to Los Angeles and recent college grads, Marta and Elise were living the single life and were far from thinking about having children. Nevertheless, after researching niche markets and discovering the perils of maternity fashion, Marta and Elise decided it was their mission to “take the frump out of the bump” and give the mom’s of their generation something “cool” to wear during pregnancy.

Since they had never been pregnant themselves, Marta and Elise enrolled in their own version of “maternity boot- camp”. During this “period of enlightenment” they went to pre-natal yoga and lamaze classes, interviewed many pregnant/nursing women, convened with a whole slew of OB-GYNS and pediatricians, and even wore fake bellies. One year later, after familiarizing themselves with the world of maternity, they released their first Moody Mamas collection in Spring 2008.

In its debut season, New York Magazine exclaimed, “it (Moody Mamas) has originality written all over it!”. Innovative in style and attitude, Moody Mamas rocked the maternity fashion world and was immediately well received by customers, celebrities, and retailers alike.

Thrilled with their initial accomplishment, the kooky duo decided to make their brand even more fabulous and enlisted friend and famed designer, Christian Siriano to design the “Fierce Mamas by Christian Siriano” collection. A departure from the moo-moos of yesteryear, the Fierce Mamas collection was created for pregnant fashionistas who wanted to be red carpet ready.

Read full Bio HERE


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