Spring/Summer 2011 Color Trends

It’s that time of year! Right about now, designers are preparing or have prepared their Spring/Summer 2011 collections. FashionTrendsetter.com presented a list of colors that we will be seeing next season…

Archaic Garden

The range is whitened, stony, mineral or delicately fruity. The softness of faded, evanescent, light and serious colors.

Underwater Variation

The range delves into the blue, and extends to an aqua green. Sea anemone pink is enhanced by inky blues, whites, purples and browns.

Tropical Dramaturgy

The range is solar, incandescent, spicy and suffocating. Yellow, parrot green, the orange of Tibetan monks, the entire spectrum of reds from purple to salmon pink. Bushy brown, deep blue.

Enchanted Picnic

The neon colors are whitened. Jelly pink is transparent, the pastels are over-bright. The brights are on fire, tempered by a reasonable grey and beige.

Shadowy Shores

The range is bathed in red, dark navy, hut, strong green, and canvas. Or lightened with colors like sand, bleach, and salt.



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