New Flash! Federal-Mogul Develops New Flame-Retardant

Federal-Mogul Corporation recently announced a new flame-retardant for motor vehicles…

Most flame-retardant materials are used to delay the spread of fire, but unlike Federal-Mogul’s polyethylene terephthalate yarn, these typically contain halogenated substances that emit thick black smoke and toxic gases when they burn. Breathing in these toxic gasses can be extremely dangerous for drivers and passengers. The new yarn is a halogen-free flame-retardant material that doesn’t release “flaming drips” when it burns.

“We see a substantial global market for Federal-Mogul’s new flame retardant material that offers an unprecedented level of protection and may be the first of its kind in the world,” said Ramzi Hermiz, senior vice president, Federal-Mogul Vehicle Safety and Protection. “With a growing public transport infrastructure around the world, as well as the potential for its use in buildings and other stationary applications, we believe that adoption of this new Federal-Mogul technology could improve world-class safety standards and help save lives.”

Read more HERE


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