News Flash! J Brand’s Houlihan is a Hit

J Brand is making headlines and sales with their military inspired pants…

Balmain’s Spring 2010 was one of those collections that made you want to throw everything you own out and rework your entire wardrobe. Christophe Decarnin revamped the idea of military chic with khaki greens, distressed leather, and of course, the bold shoulder that defines so many of the most memorable pieces in the brand’s history.

So how can you sport Balmain’s aesthetic without breaking the bank? You could pop a shoulder pad in and get a pair of torn jeans…but it simply wouldn’t look the same. Apparently, however, shoppers — thousands of them — have found a way to mimic the military chicness. And we think it looks pretty damn good.

Enter the J Brand Houlihan skinny cargo, aptly named after MASH’s Hot Lips Houlihan. One pant, one brand, over 75,000 pairs distributed.

Intermix claims to have sold 2,000 pairs, Barneys has just placed a reorder for 1,000 more of the style, and Bloomingdales has sold thousands and wants more…

Read full article HERE


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