Designer Download: Betsey Johnson

The Inside Source caught up with our client, Betsey Johnson to discuss her inspiration for her latest collection…

Every girl has a Betsey Johnson story. Whether she created your prom dress or you wish she did, the legendary New York-based designer is a favorite of women young and old. That’s mostly due to her irreverent take on trends, from transforming the popular Breton stripe shirt into a jail-stripe romper to using calico floral prints in flirty cocktail dress silhouettes. She recently chatted with The Inside Source about her must-haves for summer, as well as her fall collection, some of which is already available in Betsey Johnson boutiques!

The Inside Source: Your fall collection made me think of Gunne Sax from the 1970s [a formal/semi-formal line featuring clothing with a “prairie revival” look featuring gingham, calico, empire waists and other elements popular in the 1920s]. Do you own a lot of it?

Betsey Johnson: You guessed it! Gunne Sax looks good again to me and I have four or five classic pieces. Did you get the Gunne Sax from the guns?

TIS: Heehee, no! It was the florals! What were some of your other inspirations for the collection?

BJ: An old western ’70’s movie that was very punk, kick ass, as well as very Victorian. It’s called Las Petroleras, starring Brigitte Bardot and Claudia Cardinale. The look of the clothes, the look of the girls, turned out to be the show!

Read full article HERE


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