Hudson’s $995 Resurrection Jeans!

Our client, Hudson Jeans, launches a collection called Resurrection…

Hudson Jeans, a denim company with celebrity fans including Sandra Bullock, Pink and Gisele Bündchen, has a new concept hitting stores this month: one-of-a-kind, hand-cut and hand-sewn jeans, available at your usual fine retailers for the steep price of $995.. They may not be bespoke, but the result is the same; you can find a pair that’s uniquely “you,” whether that means sideways back pockets and zippers everywhere or whitewashed denim with artfully placed seams in unusual places, and be certain no one else will have the same pair of blues.

The collection is called Resurrection (right), and comes at a premium price of $995 per pair (most Hudson denim goes for $215 to $325). We chatted with designer Ben Taverniti (below), who has been creating couture pieces featured in the likes of French Vogue since age 19, about the collection, his philosophies and all things Hudson Jeans.

Read the full interview HERE


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