Exclusive Pics from Earth Day Eco-Chic Fashion Show

Eagle Fabrics attended LA Fashion Corner’s Eco-Chic fashion show featuring up and coming “green” designers hosted by Deal or No Deal’s Leyla Milani.

Here at Eagle, we offer an extensive eco-friendly textile line ranging from organic cotton, recycled poly, bamboo/viscose, soy, tencel, modal and more. For TODAY & TOMORROW ONLY, we are offering a 5% discount on all earth friendly products. Please contact our sales department at 310.886.7700 ext 15 with coupon code GreenBlog10 to take advantage of this offer!

As you take time to celebrate our Earth today, be sure to reflect on ways to start making a difference. A little goes a long way..

Deal or No Deal, Leyla Milani

Host of Eco-Chic Fashion Show, Deal or No Deal's Leyla Milani

Leyla Milani, Eagle Fabrics, Deal or No Deal

Eagle Fabrics CEO, Pradeep Loomba with host Leyla Milani

organic cotton, leyla milani, deal or no deal, eagle fabrics

eco clothing, green fabrics, engineered by remy

Carbon Fiber Blazer by Engineered by Remy

green fabric, organic cotton, eagle fabrics, leyla milani, deal or no deal

Eco-Friendly dress by Emec Clothing


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