Fall Denim Preview: Hudson and JBrand

Here’s a preview on the spring and fall collections from two of our clients, Hudson and JBrand…

Hudson: The brand’s based out of LA, designed by Ben Taverniti, who’s French, and features UK flags everywhere, but they showed their collection in midtown New York on Monday. Skinny still reigned, but most styles were embellished with laced up legs, rough seams, and even cut off waistbands. While Ben prefers the reconstructed pair, I loved the skinny baby blues with inside out seams up the back of the leg. A black pair came with bondage straps, while others just zipped every which way.

JBrand: JBrand might be the most beloved jean out there, at least in the fashion industry. But even without Proenza Schouler’s help, they’re getting creative for fall. An olive sateen pant (can’t even call it a jean) features zippers on the ankles and seams instead of this season’s cargo pockets. There’s also a tuxedo legging, and a super thin cord. Their ‘dark vintage’ and ‘big time’ washes actually do look vintage instead of something new pretending to be old, and this season, they’ve introduced an eco-friendly group.

Read full article HERE


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