News Flash! Christian Siriano in Bravo Special

Our client will be starring in an upcoming Bravo special…

U.S. fashion designer Christian Siriano is to star in his own one-hour television special, Bravo announced.

The Season 4 “Project Runway” winner will headline “Christian Siriano: Having a Moment.” It is scheduled to air April 5.

“Bravo’s fan favorite … has outlasted the typical 15 minutes of fame and Siriano’s fashions are now sold at some of the hottest department stores and boutiques in the world,” the network said in a news release Wednesday.

“In this special, we’ll get to see a glimpse into the life of the mini-mogul — who immediately resonated with fans and fashionistas alike as he prepares for Fashion Week, overseeing every aspect of his line from start to finish — model fittings, Emmy-dress appointments and balancing work and life with family, friends and work associates. It will all culminate in the highly pressure-filled buyer meetings where Siriano will learn whether all of his hard work
will pay off.”



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