Alexander Wang Fall 2010

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week debuted last week in New York City. Many of our clients debuted their Fall 2010 collection, including Alexander Wang. Here’s what had to say about our client’s presentation…

Earlier this week, an accessories editor at a major magazine told me she was forced to ask the staff’s stylists to stop using Alexander Wang’s lace-up sandal boot from Spring 2009 in their shoots. Consider that: a contemporary designer snagging a seasonal honor—Most Favored Editorial Shoe—usually taken by the likes of Balenciaga or Louis Vuitton.

Defined purely by price point, his is a contemporary brand. But it’s a label Wang politely chafes at, and over the past three seasons he’s become sui generis: a designer with the creative chops to increasingly earn a place in high fashion’s conversation, but whose clothes are accessible to more than just the one percent.

Situated at this powerful vantage point, Wang chose Wall Street’s Masters of the Universe as his starting point for Fall. He took the traditional banker’s suit—a push into uncharted territory for this Master of the T-shirt—and deconstructed it in a dark and sexy vein. It was “about growing up, about progress,” Wang said before the show. “It’s a lot more sophisticated, more polished.” Polished yes, but hardly proper. Wang knows his girl, and she’s not following the office dress code.

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