Designer Spotlight: VPL

VPL began with the concept of bringing underwear out to become a visible, stylish part of everyday wear. Here’s some background info on the person behind the designs, Victoria Bartlett…

Born in Gloucester, England, Victoria Bartlett graduated from the London College of Fashion with a degree in fashion design. Upon graduation, she started assisting Rhavis of London, where she learned time-honored couture craftsmanship.

After moving to New York, Victoria introduced a collection called BC with Jeffery Costello in 1989. She then moved on to fashion illustration prior to launching her acclaimed career in styling. She worked as Fashion Editor at Conde Nast’s Allure prior to becoming the Fashion Director for Interview Magazine and for BIG Magazine. She has created fashion editorials for publications such as ID, Italian Vogue, L’uomo Vogue, Numero, 10 and V, and French Vogue, amongst others. She has also worked with a gamut of celebrities and on a broad spectrum of advertising campaigns and consultancy. Her consulting clients have included Theory where Victoria worked as Fashion Director.

Victoria has also been actively involved in various creative and socially responsible projects. Such projects include Exposing Meaning in Fashion Through Presentation for the Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage in 1993 for Creativetime, which showcased her installation work. In 2003, she participated in FutureFashion’s kickoff event for Christo and Jean-Claude’s installation of the “Gates” in Central Park to benefit the Earth Pledge foundation. Victoria explored renewable, sustainable and non-polluting fabrics to create an outfit that was then displayed in Barney’s display windows. Most recently she participated in a fundraiser by creating a custom chef jacket that was auctioned to raise money for Action Against Hunger. In addition, her recent creation of a Swarovski crystal studded VPL wedding dress will be shown during the 2008 Paris couture fashion show and will be published in Swarovski’s Crystal Wedding coffee book due next year.


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